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Chip Cunningham

Chip Cunningham

Chip grew up on the shores of San Diego, surfing and playing every sport imaginable. He ended up excelling in tennis which led him to his first career after college, he played all over the world. Learn more »
Sandy Cunningham

Sandy Cunningham

Born in South Africa and raised in Rhodesia, Sandy spent most of her childhood in Salisbury, where her Mother tended her brood and her father fought in a war. She grew up exploring the dewy Nyanga Mountains, trout fishing and hiding out in magical mountain cabins. Learn more »
Our singular mission is to make each and every trip that we design the most magical, inspiring and life changing experience for you – it’s as simple as that!   We believe in “truth in travel.” We believe that preserving our planet is a necessity not a right, we can all make a difference!

Traveling in Uncharted Style
From our first days offering custom travel in Africa, we have grown to become the leading provider of custom exotic travel services for discriminating travelers destined for Africa, Australasia and the Americas. Don’t be fooled by the mass-market, large corporate mega resort companies that spend millions of dollars on advertising. The truly unique and interesting properties are the “best kept secrets in travel” and Uncharted Outposts is the best resource to find these secrets and to arrange your travel to them.

Creative & Exceptionally Well Executed Travel
Throughout our history we have established a reputation for creative and exceptionally well executed travel experiences. Our clients include individuals, families and private groups. As the nation’s premier tour operator specializing in Africa’s small, independently owned Safari Camps & Lodges, we can state with confidence that no other company can offer you the depth of knowledge, the flexibility, and the regional insight that you’ll find at Uncharted Outposts.
We’ve Been Around a Long Time
Uncharted Outposts is a USA-based, brick & mortar tour operator dedicated to helping discerning independent travelers find and book exciting and unusual places to stay in some of the world’s most beautiful, remote and fascinating locations. Our site features properties that we have been doing business with for many years (some since 1972) as well as a growing collection of our favorite small hotels, guesthouses, retreats, eco-lodges, private rental properties and unforgettable travel experiences. Most of the properties we have personally visited and have given you our honest and professional opinion as well as the feedback from our clients. We’ve included extensive slideshows of each property and of each itinerary to help you visualize the place and the experience. Each place is unique in some way, whether in its design, its natural setting, its owners or the activities offered. From exotic safari camps to romantic island outposts, we have put together a genuinely fascinating and eclectic range of properties and itineraries.




About Us