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Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

This enormous wonderland of nature is brimming with life everywhere, from the butterflies in brilliant shades, animated animals which cling to boughs and branches, to the slinky caimans casting furtive glances from the river banks. Peru may boast archaeological wonders and a seemingly impenetrable jungle, but its real treasure are its people who bring the story to life! Learn more »
Uncharted Waters

Uncharted Waters

Peruse our offerings of “Uncharted Waters,” from swanky private yachts, romantic hand hewn old dhow boats and glamorous river barges to an infinite assortment of beach hideaways that offer up everything from rustic barefoot chic to locales with a more polished and contemporary twinkle and a smorgasbord of uber-kid friendly family getaways with a little bit of a lot for everyone!Learn more »
The metamorphosis of species from island to island is so apparent and remarkable it truly feels like you have been given a ring-side seat at the theater of evolution!
Animal Therapy
It’s all about Animal therapy – whether you are in Africa, Australia or the Galapagos, just the sheer proximity to wildlife soothes the soul!  The Galapagos Islands offer a spectacular adventure for everyone and an education into the geology of our planet.  The islands themselves range from lush and fertile with a sprinkling of humans to as barren and inhospitable as one could possibly imagine - yet somehow still teeming with wildlife.  

Wildlife Encounters
Uncharted Managing Partner Nicole Fernandez says "When we landed on a sandy beach, I passed within spitting distance of some baby sea lions. It took every last bit of willpower in my bones to not reach out and stroke them, for touching the wildlife is strictly forbidden. HOWEVER, the same rules don’t apply to the wildlife. I was sitting quietly one day on one of the many beaches we had visited, just taking in this amazing Darwinian feast when I suddenly felt a whop! as a baby sea lion rolled onto my lap!  Grinning with glee as my fellow shipmates looked on with green-eyed envy, I sat for more than 5 minutes whilst the little fellow cavorted and tumbled over me like I was some kind of a human jungle jim…No complaints from me it was the absolute highlight of my trip.”
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The Galapagos Islands, located some 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, are one of the world’s great remaining natural areas, full of wonder, beauty and spectacular wildlife. For seven extraordinary days you will meander among giant tortoise & snorkel with a kaleidoscope of swirling fish - lose yourself in the wonders of these ancient and rare volcanic islands. With its huge, state-of-the-art stabilizers and vibration control, the Integrity will carry you through Darwin’s Islands more smoothly than on any other yacht. 
Darwin Meets Bond    
We use the finest yacht in the islands, bespoken and very James Bond-ish. It sleeps only 16 guests. An incredible staff attends to your every need, and your amazing guides offer up nightly educational lectures that leave you with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Darwin and the islands by the time you leave! Meals are spectacular and incredibly fresh. You will feast on barracuda caught on hand lines or succulent lobsters harvested from beneath the boat. Enjoy fresh local tropical fruits and waistline increasing desserts to round off your perfect days.




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