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Integrity Yacht

Integrity Yacht

A Galapagos Adventure at Sea: Come swim with playful sea lion pups, try to keep up with a penguin chasing a fishy dessert, tromp among giant tortoises, and quietly mosey past a gaggle of marine iguanas.Learn more »
Alaskan Nautical Safari

Alaskan Nautical Safari

An Alaskan nautical safari through southeast Alaska is the perfect setting to witness calving glaciers, stroll salty beaches, admire breaching whales, and hike through virgin forests. While enjoying your Alaska experience from inlet to inlet, there is ample time to relax, fish (both fly and spin), whale watch and photograph the gorgeous scenery.Learn more »
Dhow Safari

Dhow Safari

During time on board, guests sail through the Lamu archipelago, exploring the calm inland waters, with time to explore deserted beaches and island hideaways. Learn more »
Follow in the footsteps of early explorers as you chase the trade winds. Whether you are setting sail on an ocean adventure or basking in the warm winds on a deserted island, embrace your inner explorer as you discover the exotic ports and rugged shorelines of our Uncharted Waters.
Pining for the Open Seas? 
Finding that frolicsome balance in our busy lives is why we do what we do best!  Uncharted Outposts is headquartered at the southernmost tip of the rocky mountains and lies nestled in the vortex between Route 66 and the Old Santa Fe Trail….! Did we also mention that it is smack bang in the middle of the desert and there is no “real” water anywhere nearby?  So in our landlocked haven our own musings and wanderlust oft veer towards visions of swaying palm trees, lapping pools, infinite oceans and sprawling white beaches… you too?
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The South African Sardine Run

Imagine being suspended in the Indian Ocean, off of South Africa’s eastern coast, right in the action on the Greatest Shoal on Earth. Follow a school of hundreds of dolphins as they move purposefully out to sea. As you roll into the sea along the edge of the mass of sardines, your senses are assailed by the sight of hundreds of dolphins, sharks, seals and game fish all gorging on this oceanic feast. Now imagine following the live action from the sublime comfort of a spectacular 120 ft. trimaran, with stunning food and wine, and most importantly a marine specialist guide and dive instructor hosting you for a week.
Choose Your Own Adventure
Peruse our offerings of “Uncharted Waters,” from swanky private yachts, romantic hand hewn old dhow boats and glamorous river barges to an infinite assortment of beach hideaways that offer up everything from rustic barefoot chic to locales with a more polished and contemporary twinkle and a smorgasbord of uber-kid friendly family getaways with a little bit of a lot for everyone!




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