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Uncharted Clients: 

Nairobi Orphanage Our scope of work has been expanding at a steady pace since its inception according to urgency and need. With thanks to our generous donors, we have been able to expand our portfolio of programs from a single feeding effort to include health-related efforts such as HIV testing, education opportunities and a range of fun and creative activities for the children. Although we are encouraged by the improvements in overall health, much work remains to be done. Counseling and dental care is needed and our leadership program and clubs also require more support. We welcome additional funds to continue building on these and other efforts.

If you wish to support our important work, please visit our DONATE or GET INVOLVED sections to make your contribution. Thank You
Many of our Uncharted travelers fall deeply in love with Africa, the African people and in making a difference. We have clients who built schools in the middle of the bush, helped start the first ever Masai Guiding school, others saved entire herds of animals by relocating them. We would like to honor our Uncharted travelers by sharing their stories: 

During a six-month sabbatical in 2005-06, Hanne Howard and her husband, Ted Horton, were introduced to the Lenana Slum through a chance encounter with a grandmother whose daughter was dying of AIDS. Hanne and Ted helped to make her final days somewhat bearable with painkillers and other medications. Before she died, they promised to take care of her eleven month-old daughter, Sarova, who was also HIV positive and suffered from TB and extreme malnutrition. Hanne and Ted gave Sarova a fleeting chance at survival through proper medical care and nutrition. But in September 2006, Sarova died of AIDS. Her grandmother succumbed to exhaustion and malnutrition four months later leaving behind six grandchildren and two young teenagers of her own. The exposure to this devastation prompted Hanne and Ted to become more seriously involved in the Lenana community. Together with Marianne Florijn, Hanne’s good friend, they funded a basic program consisting of food, shelter, education and medical assistance for a handful of needy slum children.

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After one year, as the needs increased, they realized that a more substantial and integrated approach was necessary in order to make a truly meaningful difference. This marked the birth of a more comprehensive and dedicated program involving proper nutrition, education, recreation and healthcare for the most vulnerable children in Lenana. This initial grassroots effort grew to become a registered charity in Canada in the summer of 2007.  

About Lenana Slum

Lenana is a medium sized slum built on a swamp on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya in eastern Africa. It has an estimated population of 10,000. Flooding is a constant problem, especially in the rainy season. Most residents live in shacks without running water, electricity or sewers. Malnutrition/rickets, tuberculosis, pneumonia, typoid and HIV/AIDS are common health issues.

Other social challenges include unemployment leading to disenfranchised youth, teenage pregnancy and the spread of HIV/AIDS. The HHF operates exclusively in Lenana.


Conservation Safari

Conservation Safari

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Foster An Elephant

Foster An Elephant

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Sarara Conservancy

Sarara Conservancy

Uncharted Client TERRY BREWER and famous Conservationist IAN CRAIG team up to help save Africa's most endangered habitat. Africa has a unique way of bringing together different personalities from very different worlds who share a common vision. Learn more »
Protecting the Wolf

Protecting the Wolf

Jim and Jamie Dutcher are Emmy Award winning filmmakers, authors, photographers and ardent wolf conservationists. It is through their films, books, and numerous events and media appearances that the Dutchers have inadvertently become lightning rods for one of the most hotly debated environmental issues in North America.Learn more »




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