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Makgadikgadi These pans, the remnants of a great lake that once covered most of Botswana and where early hominids once roamed among herds of now extinct giant zebra and hippopotamus, dried up only 10.,000 years ago due to the continued shifting of the earth's crust and are th largest of their kind in the world. These pans have an unparalleled serenity and peace. You may come across lion, cheetah and herds of gemsbok and springbok, and the occassional blackbacked jackal and hyena.
Jack's Camp

Jack's Camp

The response from those who have been to Jack's Camp is always the same. The question, "Jack's Camp?" is followed by a reflective pause - "It's different." And there they leave it, the difficulty of describing it hanging in the air like a half-built bridge. Learn more »
San Camp

San Camp

San Camp offers the Earth, stripped naked. And, such restraint holds its own charms. The concession adjoins the Makgadikgadi National Park with its endless vistas of rolling golden grasslands. Learn more »




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