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Tarangire Tarangire National Park derives its name from the Tarangire River that rises in the highlands of central Tanzania and winds its way through the length of the game sanctuary. The river irresistibly lures herds of plains migrants from the parched surrounding areas.
Chem Chem

Chem Chem

The exclusive Chem Chem Tarangire lies between the immense savannas of Tarangire National Park and the bird-rich waters of Lake Manyara in its own 4000-hectare private land concession and lies in the “migration corridor” between Tarangire National Park and Lake Manyara National Park. 
This fantastic location is perfect for unforgettable walking 
safaris and bird watching excursions.Learn more »
Oliver's Camp

Oliver's Camp

Oliver's Camp is situated in the southern part of Tarangire National Park . The Tarangire National Park swamps support a wonderful variety of wildlife. Learn more »




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