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Kimberley Coastal Camp Properties

Kimberley Coastal Camp
4 Spacious Guest Rooms

Although Kimberley Coastal Camp is situated in the remote far North Kimberley region of Western Australia, this doesn't mean that you have to leave all the modern conveniences behind. The camp is well appointed with our guests enjoying their own "private space" in twin share, gazebo-style rooms. These spacious rooms have their own view of the sea, are flyscreened and also feature ceiling fans and reading lights. Showers and flushing toilets are built ingeniously against a rock wall. Kimberley Coastal Camp also has a swimming pool overlooking Admiralty Gulf and a unique main living area which is open to the breeze. Relax in a comfortable chair, take a book from our library, listen to some great music or just listen to the silence. A large rustic dining table is the scene for our famous Kimberley Coastal Camp meals. After spending your day taking part in any of the activities that are on offer here, you'll be glad that at the camp we pride ourselves on looking after our guests and catering to their preferences. The cuisine is no exception. Let us know in advance if you have any particular dietary requirements, likes and dislikes and we will make every effort to satisfy your needs. Sunset is the time to relax here, soak up the ambience in the open, main living area and reflect on your day. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres are served around the campfire before a gourmet meal completed by one of our delicious desserts. Fruits in season, salads, freshly baked bread, biscuits and cakes are all part of memorable dining experiences at Kimberley Coastal Camp. Your alcohol requirements can be ordered when you book and we will have it delivered (at cost) on your behalf.
Admiralty Gulf in the Kimberley Region

Year Round

Australia is an all-year-round destination, but during the summer, December to February, it is hot in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland. At the Great Barrier Reef, most rain falls in January and February. In northern Queensland and parts of the Northern Territory, roads may flood during the 'green' season, January to March. The ski season takes place during June to October in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Australia's seasons are the opposite of those of the Northern Hemisphere.
Spring: September-November
Summer: December-February
Fall: March-May
Winter: June-August 
Unspoilt Wilderness and Deserted Islands, Rock Art, Fishing, Watching Wildlife & Pool.

FISHING: Kimberley Coastal Camp offers a luxurious alternative to fishing camps. This is a place where you can experience fantastic fishing and have the creature comforts as well. Kimberley Coastal Camp is situated in remote Admiralty Gulf in the north Kimberley where the fishing is truly magnificent. Because of our isolation - with access only by boat or air - these really are untouched waters. Our experienced and knowledgeable guides know all the best fishing spots and the right combinations of time and tide to give you the fishing experience of a lifetime. You can fish all day, every day - or not at all. You may like to spend a tranquil morning on the boat doing a little fishing before taking your catch onto a boab fringed island beach and cooking it bush style for lunch. Options available to our guests include huge tidal rivers, mangrove creeks, estuaries, mud flats, offshore reefs and islands. Some of the species to be caught include barramundi, mulloway, mangrove jack, fingermark, javelin fish, threadfin salmon (giant and blue), giant, golden and spotted trevally, queen fish, mackerel, tuna, coral trout, cod and bluebone. Because of our unique location with access to many different habitats, we also have an abundance of meaty mud crabs and delectable oysters. Kimberley Coastal Camp operates on a catch and release basis, with only those fish destined for the table being retained from the day's catch.

ROCK ART: We are able to take our guests to a number of art and ceremonial sites which are otherwise inaccessible to the public. We offer our guests the opportunity to see these sites only on the condition that the greatest respect is shown to the art and its traditional owners. Unlike rock art which is on the tourist tracks (and often vandalised as a consequence) there are no fences or barriers. You can get up close and personal with these paintings - short of touching them of course. These range from ancient hand stencils to highly decorative Bradshaw or Gwion Gwion figures and more recent Wandjina art which is fundamental to the belief system of our traditional owners. The graceful Bradshaw figures are characteristically painted in groups with well defined body features adorned with sashes, bangles and tassels. Set high with commanding views, or secluded and concealed from passing view, their age is testing some of the world’s most brilliant scientific minds and there is continuing conjecture about their origin. Walk through the wilderness with your guide and explore overhangs and caves carved by water millions of years ago. You will be amazed at the beauty and spirituality of paintings which adorn these places. Other paintings are accessed by boat and are just a short stroll from the beach. We can also arrange special helicopter charters for you to go even further afield and see yet more of this astonishing art. Gain an unforgettable insight into our Aboriginal heritage.

WALKING: We have established a number of walking tracks at Kimberly Coastal Camp which cater for everything from a gentle stroll to a challenging all day hike. In the cool of the early morning you can sit by a billabong and watch the birds come in to drink. Rest in caves carved out by millions of years of water action and see the art work and campfires left behind by our indigenous forerunners.

BEACHCOMBING: A short cruise by boat from the camp are numerous untouched islands and beaches where you can go ashore and explore, picnic under a boab tree, find a special shell or piece of coral – or just enjoy the view.

WILDLIFE: Kimberley Coastal Camp is an ideal base for birdwatchers, naturalists and interested amateurs alike. Because of our unique location, we have access to many different habitats, either by land or sea. A number of new plant and animal species have been identified at Kimberley Coastal Camp. The mangrove lined estuaries provide memorable sightings of crocodiles on the look out for their next meal or just sunning on the banks. Around the camp in the evenings you can watch the magnificent sea eagles swooping past, see the shy wallabies feeding or spot a handsome dingo in the rocky outcrops. Further out in Admiralty Gulf you can see turtles swimming above the coral reefs, dolphins playing and occasionally a migrating whale passing by. Everywhere you look there are signs of the locals - tracks in the sand, small lizards and mammals foraging in the undergrowth and the song of birds.
Local Info

The Kimberley region of Western Australia is one of the world's last great wilderness areas. It has one of the fastest population growth rates in Australia, yet has fewer people per square kilometre than almost any other place on earth. Situated in the far north west of WA, the Kimberley is an ancient landform of rugged ranges with deep, spectacular gorges and pristine sandy beaches that fringe the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Mighty river systems produce thundering waterfalls during the wet season and pockets of lush rainforest can be found throughout the region. The Kimberley is a vast and pristine area and to explore it is an adventure you will never forget, and cherish forever.
Owners & Hosts

Rock Terry
Kimberley Coastal Camp is a unique permanent camp on the remote and pristine shores of Admiralty Gulf in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. We offer the discerning traveller exciting wilderness escapes with luxury camping at its best. Kimberley Coastal Camp is the ultimate retreat.
We are small, exclusive and only accessible by sea or air. As we sit in one of the few remaining unspoilt wilderness areas left on the planet, we are an eco-friendly camp. Guest numbers are limited to reduce impact on our fragile environment and ensure that this area remains in the same perfect condition for generations to come. Featuring a level of amenities and service rarely available in such remote places, you can enjoy our patch of paradise without the discomfort. Gourmet meals and your "room with a view" are just a couple more reasons why you will always remember and treasure a holiday experience at Kimberley Coastal Camp. Kimberley Coastal Camp is the perfect holiday destination for travellers jaded by the usual resorts and seeking a truly different wilderness experience.

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