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Angorichina Station Properties

Angorichina Station
Two Lovely Guestrooms

The homestead is an oasis in an otherwise severe, yet beautiful environment. Within its thick stone walls is a world of calm and grace, music, flowers, books and antique furnishings surround you, while mouth-watering cooking aromas issue from the kitchen. Dating from the 1860's, this original homestead is a classic of Australian vernacular architecture - although no architect ever had a hand in its making. It simply grew as necessity dictated and wealth allowed. There are two guest rooms sleeping up to 2 guests each, one located in the main homestead with the other being a separate garden cottage that once functioned as a school room. Both have private bathroom facilities. For single parties booking the station exclusively, it is possible to utilise further rooms in the homestead for up to 8 persons in total (shared bathrooms).
Situated in the Flinders Ranges Some 300 Miles North of Adelaide, South Australia.

Year Round

Australia is an all-year-round destination, but during the summer, December to February, it is hot in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland. At the Great Barrier Reef, most rain falls in January and February. In northern Queensland and parts of the Northern Territory, roads may flood during the 'green' season, January to March. The ski season takes place during June to October in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Australia's seasons are the opposite of those of the Northern Hemisphere.

Spring: September-November
Summer: December-February
Fall: March-May
Winter: June-August
4 Wheel Tours, Scenic Flights, Guide Walks, Shearing, Landscape & Aboriginal Perspective.

Take a rugged 4 wheel drive tour, spectacular scenic flight or guided walk of the ancient Flinders Ranges. Observe the wildlife: emus, kangaroos, Yellow-footed Rock Wallabies and the abundant birdlife. Witness station activities such as mustering, sheep shearing and bore runs (all seasonal) or meander through the virtual museum of 19th century outbuildings - the shearing shed, shearers' quarters, the former manager's residence, tack room, windmills and the numberless small sheds that a working property requires. Enjoy evening excursions to one of the high peaks around the property for sundowners and hors d'oeuvres. An Aboriginal perspective on this landscape is essential. Arthur Coulthard, a member of the local Adnyamathanha people and a ranger at the national park that adjoins Angorichina, offers a highly recommended private tour offering an intriguing insight into the cultural link with the land and the identification of local foods and medicinal plants. This tour is an optional extra and subject to availability of Arthur on the day.
Local Info

Rugged mountain ranges, spectacular gorges, sheltered creeks lined with River Red Gums and abundant wildlife are just some of the attractions that make the Flinders Ranges National Park one of South Australia's most popular destinations. This area is world-renowned for its geological history, Aboriginal rock art sites, impressive fossil remains and its ruins of early European settlement. Aborigines have lived in the Flinders Ranges for tens of thousands of years. For the Adnyamathanha - the hills or rock people, the ranges are still of immense cultural significance. While geologists use science to explain the formation of the Flinders, the Adnyamathanha people understand the land through their Yura Muda stories, which endow the physical features of the ranges with spiritual meaning. Flinders Ranges National Park is located in the Flinders Ranges between the townships of Hawker and Blinman. Its area is 95,000 ha (950 square km). Located 450 km north of Adelaide the park offers a wide range of activities for all interests including bushwalking, camping, scenic touring, birdwatching and Aboriginal and European cultural experiences.
Owners & Hosts

Ian Fargher, who owns Angorichina with his wife Di, is the fourth generation of his family to run sheep on this station. The original part of the homestead dates from the 1860's, when pioneering graziers first drove their flocks into the Flinders Ranges. To run their 250 square mile property, Ian and Di must maintain a level of self-sufficiency that would be beyond the wildest dreams of most urbanites. But despite this, Ian and Di are steadfast practitioners of the bush tradition of hospitality, and amongst the fondest memories you take away will be the casual moments, sitting around Di's kitchen over a plate of Anzac biscuits fresh from the oven, or the long and hilarious dinners that often stretch far into the night.
Guest Reviews

John & Sue Marsh :
"Everything was extraordinary - wonderful - for us totally unique and unforgetable. Thank you so very much. You could not have been kinder or more generous."

Jeremy & Julia Posnansky :
" We could not have found better hosts nor a more wonderful place to stay. Thank you so much for your hospitality, kindness, chardonnay, merlot, shiraz, cabernet sauvignon..."

Nancy Frankenberry :
"Perfect hosts! Fantastic introduction to the Outback and to a very special part of the world at Angorichina. Thank you for everything!"

Bob & Reba Fournier :
"This has been a very special time for us. Sharing in your local races, seeing rocks and land, kangaroos and emus - and wonderful food. Your hospitality has been so gracious, we've enjoyed every minute."

Kim Harding & Irene Miller :
"This has been the ' homestead ' experience we have been looking for - beautiful home, generous and kind hosts and spectacular country!"

Brian Cole :
"' A wonderful cameo ' in our trip. Thanks for 3 fantastic days and nights. I only counted 47 sheep and 3 lambs, but hope to see more next time."
Press & Media

Outback in Style - Michael Gebicki

"The outback breeds a special kind of Australian, and meeting them on home ground is one of the greatest experiences Australia has to offer."
Angorichina is a sheep station located east of Blinman in South Australia's Outback. Covering 554 square kilometres it has been in the Fargher Family for four generations. Flight transfers are available. Stretching north from Port Augusta into the sun-seared wilderness of South Australias deserts, the Flinders Ranges is one of the country's most impressive outback locations.
Here, surrounded by the arid wasteland of the great salt lakes, an ancient seabed has been sculpted by millions of years of rain and sun into a fractured, furrowed landscape of deep valleys covered with casuarinas and cypress pines which fall into creeks lined with river red gums. For wildlife watching, bush-walking, photography, Aboriginal rock art or just soaking up the sights and sounds of outback Australia, the Flinders is in a class of its own. In the middle of these desiccated red ranges, Angorichina Station, covering 554 square kilometres, comes as a startling contrast - an oasis of roses and lavender hedges, green lawns and shade; an entre to a remarkable world. For guests, one of the real pleasures of staying at Angorichina is the chance to become absorbed into the life of a working outback sheep station that has been in the Fargher Family for four generations.

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