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New Zealand
Best Time to Visit: Year Round

The World in Miniature

All the various landscapes of the world can be found on these two little islands. Dramatic fiordlands and sounds, seemingly endless white sandy beaches, lush green rainforests, stretches of fertile farmland, powerful glaciers, volcanoes, geysers and so much more. All of these natural wonders occur on New Zealand's North and South Islands, comprising just the area of Colorado and the length of California! But beautiful scenery is not New Zealand's only treasure. There are also the indigenous "Kiwi" people and their rich culture. The Kiwi are uncomplicated (don't require Starbuck's Coffee), genuine, friendly and honest. They are generous with whatever they have whether it is a story, a place to stay or something from the garden. To experience New Zealand, one must experience its people.

Diamond in the Rough

We want to share the magic of this country with as many people as possible while it is still a "diamond in the rough." We offer true Kiwi experiences created around your personal interests. Whether you want maximum sight seeing or are interested in hunting, fishing, adventure, nature, history, horses or fine wines, we would enjoy creating your trip and showing you why we love this country so much.

It's the People That Make it Great

Please remember we are different from a travel agency because we offer firsthand experience and information. We can arrange for you to meet New Zealanders that share the same interests as you; a barbecue at someone's farm who shares the same hobby, the same job or the same type of dog or perhaps a round of golf with some local blokes."




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